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OdorMiser DTX™ Advanced PCO & Carbon Matrix Air Purifier

Respicaire OdorMiser DTX® is an Advanced Photo-Catalytic Oxidation & Carbon Absorption Air Treatment System for your central heating and cooling system. It utilizes 3 unique processes to reduce Airborne & Surface Molds, Virus, Bacteria, Pathogens, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and Odors. It is particularly effective at reducing odor causing gases & VOC’s with its’ Enhanced Honeycomb technology.

This Air Purifier cleans your air in three distinct ways. Powerful Germicidal UVC works to kill & reduce airborne pathogens like bacteria, virus & molds while providing surface treatment for coils. Next, the Carbon Matrix Cells absorb airborne odors & gases. The third stage PCO Oxidation Cells work to oxidize airborne VOC’s. This unique combination enhances effectiveness as it purifies your indoor air while it circulates through the OdorMiser DTX®.


This Tri-Process - UVC Germicidal, Carbon Absorption & PCO Oxidation is Ozone Free & Effective Air Treatment. In fact, the OdorMiser DTX® can actually reduce ozone in the home.

Key Features & Benefits

  • OZONE FREE -  safe & effective Detoxifying PCO and Carbon Air purifier

  • Large Surface area for Oxidation and Absorption for a very  potent and effective Air purification 

  • Great for people with Allergies, Asthma and other Respiratory Issues

  • The OdorMiser DTX works on airborne Odors, Bacteria, Virus, Microbes, Molds & Gases with 3 processes

  • Advanced “tri-process” technology to purify, oxidize & clean your indoor air as it recirculates through your home

  • It helps prevent pathogens from multiplying and contaminating your living space

  • It maintains energy efficiency by keeping your heating & cooling system clean

  • Respicaire UV Systems work for You 24 / 7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner indoor air

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