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Hawthorne Hill Nature Center

Hawthorne Hill Nature Center is a non-profit environmental education and outdoor recreation center located in Elgin, Illinois. The Center is home to the Fox River Trail, a canoe launch and 3 trails spanning 2.5 miles.

People come from all over to explore the different exhibits here including:

Trees of Illinois trail 1 mile loop trail that takes you under towering trees as well as around a prairie garden. Children can use tree ID keys at stations along the trail to learn about coniferous and deciduous trees that live in our area. Look through microscopes for close-up views of plant parts or magnifying glasses to help identify leaves, flowers and other features on native plants. A deck overlooks airie restoration where you can see migrating birds in the fall.

Animal habitats where you can get up close to live animals of all kinds including reptiles, amphibians, insect larvae and more. The animal habitats are changed out monthly so without a doubt you will see new creatures!

Prairie garden which features wildflowers both rare and common along with prairie grasses that are native to this area. It is an area of restoration planting being restored back to tallgrass prairie. Birds love these areas as they offer insects for food and protection from predators who would have trouble navigating through the thick vegetation. Look for butterflies here too!



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