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Meissner-Corron Forest Preserve

Meissner-Corron Forest Preserve is a forest preserve in Elgin, Illinois. This is an area which has been designated as a state nature area and as such it is set aside for the education of the public on the value of preserving natural habitats. This covers almost 220 acres of land that is planned to be used only for the purpose of educating the public about protecting and preserving plants and animals that live there along with its natural habitat which may fall under intrusion from time to time by humans. There are various activities that take place within this particular forest preserve. These include bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking etc. All these activities are permitted here but there are limitations to what kind of equipment can be brought inside if they are not part of any one of the activities allowed. The land is open to the public but there is an admission fee for those who wish to visit it. It's important that if someone visits this place they must also take their garbage back with them as there is a strict rule against littering in any form or manner and violators will be prosecuted by law.


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