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If you’re concerned about your air quality I would look into getting an Air Scrubber by Aerus. Just installed one today for one of our Elgin customers

Mini Split ACs are in high demand nowadays, thanks to their hassle-free installation and maintenance. This is an ideal option for those who prefer a ductless cooling unit. If you are in a dilemma between a full-sized traditional cooling system and a mini AC, let us give you some insight. While a conventional large system is great, the mini ACs are also highly proficient. Their mechanism may differ, but you can rest assured that you will get a smooth flow of cool air, keeping you comfy all summer. 

Armed with multiple years of experience, Advantage Cooling is here to assist you with the installation process. From advising you on choosing a model to take care of the installation, we would do it all. To know more about our premium services or book an appointment, call us today! 

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Mini-split ACs demand a great deal of precision during installation. At Advantage Cooling, you will get access to the services provided by our skilled servicemen, coupled with the assistance of our friendly customer support team. The unit's functionality and performance are heavily dependent on its installation, so it's a must that you hire only the top company for this job. Wondering what sets us apart from the rest of the HVAC companies? Let's take a look: 

Skills & Knowledge

Our team is well-equipped with the specific skill set that is required for a flawless installation. They have not only undergone rigorous training, but they also possess years of practical experience. As a result, you are guaranteed to get the best experience with us. 

Expertise in Air Circulation

While choosing an AC expert for your home, you should always look for someone well-versed in air circulation techniques. Unlike the usual cooling systems, the mini-split ACs do not need a duct way, and the air directly cools down your room. For an efficient system like this, your professional has to have immense expertise in this area. And in this regard, we bet no one can match us! 

Reasonable Pricing

We try to provide world-class quality of work without burning a hole in your pocket. So if you're on the lookout for a budget-friendly and efficient installation, we are right here to help you out.


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We strive to provide the best for your home, taking into consideration all of your concerns. We not only install the ductless machine with care, but we also help you in choosing the right mini-split. You will also find us by your side to provide year-round services. Call us today!

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